What's eat-and-run verification in Korea?

What’s eat-and-run verification in Korea?

This is eat-and-run verification. It means eating at the restaurant and skipping out on payment. The term eat-and-run verification was popularized by the media recently after the government enforced regulation against this practice in order to prevent it from happening to more people than before.

And now eat-and-run activity has spread to other fields like cell phone service or shopping malls. But what they haven’t noticed yet is that eat-and-run verification has expanded beyond restaurants and shops to non food businesses like nail salons and PC game rooms (game room is a place for paying the hourly fee with pc games).

Imagine you go into an eat-and-run nail salon. A nice girl asks you what kind of nail service you want, so you answer it in detail after much contemplation. When the girl is finished with her job, she presents your nails saying “It’s done” and asks for money, which you’re supposed to pay up front.


And then, when you look at them under the light, they don’t seem quite right compared to what was in your imagination. You feel uneasy that these fake nails would fall off anytime soon on their own. In addition, thanks to 먹튀검증사이트 verification system, prices have been reduced drastically from several hundred or thousands of won per hour a year ago to one-third of that amount today.

You hesitate a bit, but you pay for them anyway. But eat-and-run companies in the nail service industry have problems too. In the eat-and run salon, when people come inside and see their nails look good from afar but turn out to be ragged after seeing it up close, they ask for additional compensation or complain about what they didn’t like about their nails. And sometimes, eat-and run salon has eat-and run customer who walks in with a fake stock photo of the perfect design on her own phone and complains that what she’s getting isn’t close to what she expected, so eat-and run business keeps losing money. Of course, eat-and run verification makes it difficult for minimum wage nail technicians to earn a decent living.

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