Why should you choose Handyman Packages in Rockville?The Handymen they provide you along with the packages promise that the men that arrive to do your work are master craftsmen who are thoroughly trained, the background of the men are up to date, they are liability assured and bonded.

They offer services such as

  • Half-Day Package :
  • This offers a 4-hour Professional handymen assistance to fulfill every task you have on your list.
  • Full-Day Package:
  • This offers an 8-hour Professional handymen assistance to get done with every work on your list because sometimes things take time.
  • Mount a TV Package :
  • This offers you a package that will completely finish your new TV installment from scratch.
  • Kitchen Fire safety Package :
  • This offers you a package where they turn your kitchen Fire-Proof by adding two essential systems that go off when something unthinkable happens.
  • Pet door Package:
  • This offers the clients the installation of Hale Pet doors which have a five-year warranty and make your pet’s traveling in and out of the house more convenient.

  • Accent wall Package:
  • This offers the client to upgrade the living, entertainment area with an accent wall which is not only aesthetically pleasing and contributes to the beauty of the house but is also earth-friendly.
  • Kitchen Back Splash Package :
  • This offers the client an opportunity of enhancing the kitchen’s beauty by adding a mosaic tile backsplash, which can be chosen from a huge list of different tiles they have to offer.
  • Smart Blinds Package:
  • This offers the client the advantage of controlling the house blinds through a smartphone, also increasing the functionality, making it a worthy upgrade. Outdoor tune-up Package offers the client a complete exterior makeover and prevents the customers from bigger and worse expenses that might occur by a one-time tune-up.

No Contact Handyman Package offers the client an exclusive no-contact work environment, it means the men will carry out the exterior work while social distancing. These services give you easy ways of packaging.

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