Let the cracking job be done without any hassle


Concrete is a critical component and an extremely important material utilized in various residential and commercial structures. After being mixed with water and placed, it solidifies and hardens due to a chemical reaction called hydration. It acts as a glue, holding other construction elements together. It is a building material that is widely used in the construction process. It combines aggregate, cement, tiny stones, sand, gravel, and water to form a cohesive mixture. All of the components combine and form a stone-like substance when mixed. The concrete cracking agent from the cracker is nonexplosive, and they do the perfect demolition job.

Cracks in concrete are a somewhat typical occurrence. However, unexpected cracking in concrete that was not anticipated during the design stage hurts the structure’s endurance and structural integrity. As a consequence, the structure’s performance throughout the course of its service life is degraded significantly.

It is dependent on the cause of cracking as to what the kind and pattern of cracks will look like. Because of this, it is critical to understand the many sorts of fractures that may form in concrete.

Cracks in concrete are caused by a combination of factors, including mechanical loads and environmental variables. Concentrated chloride exposure is theaggressive kinds of environmental exposure for concrete buildings that may occur. It is also one of the most costly.

With the cracker, normal demolition may be carried out with a high degree of precision even though it is not an explosive cracking agent. This method produces nearly little noise, produces no vibration, and is environmentally benign.

The Benefits and Features

  • It is simple to use since it is mixed with a certain quantity of water and then poured into precisely spaced vertical holes that have been pre-drilled.
  • It should be used in areas inaccessible for conventional demolition, where blasting is not authorized, or in areas where heavy equipment, noise, or vibration are not appropriate.
  • The product is supplied in powder form and is vacuum packaged in heavy-duty plastic bags.
  • It is simple and safe to use inside and outdoors, in dry or humid conditions, and various situations.


There is no need for particular conditions or equipment since the agent is not explosive and allows for rather precise demolitions. It has a very long shelf life.

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