Additives for liquids are: Flavors, Nicotine

CBD e-liquid, the benefits of CBD without tobacco

One can find high-quality CBD e-liquid from renowned brands now everywhere. Now many only offer you high-quality branded products. All e-liquids are manufactured according to many countries standards and some are among the best liquids on the market worldwide. The strictest quality controls apply from the selection of ingredients to production. All liquids are made from natural essences.

Lots of tastes

CBD Liquids from Cannabidiol are available in different flavours. Whether mint, lemon, mango, kiwi, pineapple or other flavours: everyone has their taste!

High bioavailability

All e-liquids in our range have a particularly high bioavailability. The CBD gets into the bloodstream quickly and can lead to the desired effects more quickly.

EU certified

Our cbd vape juice e-liquids are obtained from EU-certified industrial hemp. The plants grow on naturally pure soils and guarantee CBD products with the greatest possible purity.

liquid for use in an e-cigarette

What is CBD Liquid?

CBD liquids are liquids for e-cigarettes and vaporizers. With the devices, you vaporize the liquids and inhale CBD-rich vapour. Compared to smoking CBD, vaporizing CBD liquids is said to be more health-friendly. All liquids in our range are based on aromas and do not contain any harmful substances such as nicotine.

 Liquids that contain CBD or cannabidiol are a relatively new form of concentrated CBD to take. The following is worth knowing in this regard: The CBD e-liquid contains, among other things, the vegetable glycerine. Due to its nature, this component enables the cannabidiol to dissolve in the liquid. Because cannabinoids can only be absorbed if they are bound to water or fatty acids. This means that CBD absorption can also be guaranteed by inhaling the vapour from the CBD e-liquid from the e-cigarette.

With many offered CBD E Liquids you will always find the total amount contained, as well as the percentage of cannabidiol. This enables a precise and dosed intake of the CBD liquid. As a consumer, it is crucial to know the exact composition of the e-liquids. That is why it is important to purchase CBD e-liquids from a reputable and trustworthy retailer. At Cannabidiol, one only offers you high-quality branded products. This is supported by the fact that many manufacturers manufacture their liquids by their respective countries standards. Strict quality controls apply both in the course of production and in the selection of ingredients. CBD for liquids is made from natural essences. The basic basis is also EU-certified hemp plants.